Sunday, January 31, 2010

Communion Cups in Dodge City

Today ,we went to church with our Daughter at their home church in Keller, Texas. As they were passing the communion tray and I tasted that rich flavor of Welch's Grape Juice, the only brand authorized by Jesus, I was taken back to my youth. Why now you ask? Well, my church uses a cheap watery juice and this juice reminded me of my youth.

My family was the janitors for my hometown church. As a kid I volunteered to empty the juice trays after church. This was before disposable plastic cups. These cups were glass and had to be washed each week. I would take the trays to the kitchen and stand in front of the sink and emptied most of the half used cups into the drain. Those that I perceived were untouched, I drank.

Since this was in the days of "Gunsmoke" on TV, I was Marshall Dillon in the Long Branch saloon asking Miss Kitty for a whiskey. (Hey, I was 8!) In the privacy of the church kitchen I learned to throw back a "shot". When I became official a couple of years later, I could throw back that Welch's and leave nothing to waste.

Even the small things require practice.

P.S. My mind doesn't usually wonder during communion. I blame it on the strong drink.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Edge of Darkness: empathy

We went to see Mel Gibson's new movie, "Edge of Darkness" tonight. I have read two or three reviews of this movie. Some liked it. Some thought it was half-baked. Some just said it's another Mel Gibson, "Mad-Mel, Payback, Bloody Mel" kind of thing. Everybody has opinions and it all depends on POINT OF VIEW.

In the movie there is a statement that is recurring, "How does that feel?" When the Mel character's daughter is killed, he goes and visits her boss and in the course of the conversation and out of the blue the boss asks Mel, "How does it feel to loose your daughter?" During the story other people in other situations ask the same question, "How does it feel?" The reviewers that do not like this film basically do not know how it feels.

Since I have first hand knowledge of the first question, I can respond and say that Mel Gibson showed how it felt. I don't see it much in the movies, but another movie also set in Boston, "Mystic River" got it right as well. In that movie it was Sean Penn. In movies and TV the main character is given about 5 minutes to get over their loss and move on! Get to the action!

People struggle with the idea of empathy. I have shared before with people about when my daughter died one of my partners tried to empathize with me and even used the term, "I'm trying to get the idea of how it feels" he said. Then he compared my daughter's death to the loss of a family pet! Did I say ex-partner? I should have. I didn't do what Mel did, but I wanted to.

The movie hit home with me in a big way. It's probably a good thing if you don't get it.

Yes, in many ways the mystery story is not new in this, but the acting is good, especially Mel and Roy Winston (a hired killer). I will say that the previews give you a good idea of the tale, but it has plenty of surprises. It is an "R" for language, bloody scenes and little more throw-ups than I like while eating popcorn.

I liked it and give it *** 1/2 stars.

2010 Movie #5

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I CAN SEE! Ooops Sorry! I CAN See!

I got my first glasses in the 3rd grade. They were cheap wire rimmed glasses, and my good friends made fun of me. After a time I kept them under my desk and started sitting up front. My friends thought I was brown-nosing the teachers, but (besides that) I could see better.

I got contact lenses when I started high school. Suddenly I could catch footballs at night. Before that on kick off returns, I backed up and caught the ball on the first bounce. Contacts were great! I wore them for almost 50 years.

In the Army they wouldn't let me wear contacts during basic training and gave me another cheap pair of glasses. I did not like those either, but I wasn't around people who knew me. (Me vain? Of course not!)

When I started needing reading glasses, I stumbled on to the fact that if I wore only my right contact, I could read with my left eye and see distance with the right.

About three years ago I had lasic in the right and have been "contactless". The problem is it wasn't a very good procedure. This was also proven when the Tulsa clinic I used suddenly went "belly up".

Today, however is a new day. Thanks to Dr. Hall, I have new contacts and new glasses. I finally have a pair of frames that I like. It will change my concert experiences greatly. I have always taken binoculars with me. Not just for close ups. Just to see!

I like my enlightened world.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

South of Broad

I am reading Pat Conroy's current novel, "South of Broad."
The book is about a group of teenagers who meet just before their senior year of high school in Charleston, South Carolina, and what happens in their lives 20 years later. I am enjoying this as much as any work of fiction that i have read in recent years. Pat Conroy is also the author of "The Prince of Tides", "The Great Santini", "Beach Music", "Lords of Discipline" and "My Losing Season". His books are about his native land, South Carolina and Charleston.

I am in a part of the book where the main character has ventured to San Francisco and meets various people who make fun of his dialect, his heritage, and his southern ways. He seems to be constantly defending his existence.

Has this ever happened to you? My first time was in my Junior year of High School when I went with my parents to visit relatives in Richland, Washington. I had a female cousin of my same age and spent time with her. One night we were exchanging stories and she says, "Oh, just keep talking. I love to hear you talk. It sounds so funny."

Years later, I was in Detroit working with an architectural firm on a joint venture project. One night the head of our partner company invited us to a dinner party at their house. It was a splendid affair with many guests and when the dinner was finished the architect's wife decided that I should be the entertainment. She started making fun of Oklahoma, the South, and our backward ways. She decided to have me represent the south and asked me to defend why many backward southerners were against Homosexuals! I declined saying I did not represent to south, but she kept pressing. I finally stated that many developed their opinions based on Bible passages against the life style. She said, "There's nothing in the Bible about That!" I just smiled and she jumped up, found a Bible and threw it in my lap and said, "Prove it!" I looked until I remembered the passages and read them. She gritted her teeth and replied, The Apostle, Paul was homosexual." Ar that I pitched the Bible in her lap and said, "Prove it!"

The night did not get any better. I realized (like the guy in the novel) that people in the North and West think that we in the South and Southeast are slow talking and slow minded. And like him I think: "Who cares?"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grandson Chronicles1

We picked up our two oldest grandsons today to spend the night with us. On the drive we talked about Star Wars and space and whether anyone lived out in space. The conversation began to consider the point that we would have to wear Helmets in space because of the lack of oxygen. One of the boys pronounced, "God and Jesus are out in space and they don't need helmets." That's correct. Addison thought for a while and said, "If Jesus died, God would die too." Avery said, "No Addison, that's not right, because Jesus already died once and God didn't die! Jesus even came back to life." Addison replied, "How did that happen?" Avery responded, "That's a long story."

Friday, January 22, 2010

Yonng Jedi, Avery

For many of us Star Wars started in the 1970's. We have seen all the movies. Many bought all the toys and collectibles. So it's over. Star Wars has been replaced by Transformers and Avatar, right? Wrong. Star Wars Legos is the thing. The grandsons, along with much of the newest generation, has discovered it in the last two years. They have memorized the movies including Clone Wars that many of us old timers dismissed. They have the Wii Lego Star Wars games and they have Legos.

Legos has recreated EVERYTHING Star Wars. Avery, 6, is in the process of assisting Legos. For Christmas about all he asked Santa for was Lego Star Wars.

Today, he put the finishing touches on an "Republic Attack Cruiser" that he built by himself.
Over a 1,000 pieces. It was rated for 12 years old and above. Like most things in life the young are doing things at half the age that you and I did. I didn't start on model airplanes and cars until about the 4th grade. For that matter not much else was available!

Any who this is a big deal. I saw the box of pieces that Cruiser set and I thought Avery's Dad, Nate, would need a lot of patience. I was wrong.

Avery will be driving by 8 and doing surgery by 15. But that might just be a proud PaPa talking.

#9, #9, #9

Tonight we went to the movies. I want to see the Brandon Frasier/Harrison Ford movie, but tonight I didn't want to see a depressing movie. We went to see the musical "9"! Fooled again.
You know how the previews to "9" show wild up-tempo dance scenes. You sort of expect that to be part of the story. I was not close. Yes, there are those dance numbers with big name stars doing, well, burlesque. The story is about a famous director that is starting a new production but has no script! His life is in crisis. That's all I will say for now.

Because I am a creative sort of person, I am a rarity. A straight guy how likes "musicals"!

No, I did not like MaMa Mia. I walked out after 15 minutes of "Rent". I am one of the few that liked the movie version of "Paint Your Wagon" with Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin singing!

"Sound of Music" was a classic and a great film. "Chicago" was a lot of fun. But my favorite musical movie is "All That Jazz" a 1979 movie starring Roy Scheider, Jessica Lange and Ben Vereen. I have seen it several times. The scene where the Roy character would get up every morning and look in the mirror and say, "Showtime!" comes back to me from time to time.

The plot of "9" is basically "All that Jazz" with less talent. "Jazz" won 4 Oscars. "9" will be up for some as well. It is a Hollywood rule that Daniel-Day Lewis MUST be nominated for Best Actor. It is the Law. For my money, I would just watch "Jazz" again.

Both are adult movies. Both have creativity. Both have food for thought.

I give "9" **1/2 stars. Jazz would get ***** stars.

2010 movie #4

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remember when politics made sense!

Remember when the Republicans were about Family Values. Now the New Senator from Massachusetts (who posed nude in Cosmo!) won by driving around in his pickup saying, "I'm not a Kennedy".

Remember just three weeks ago when Sarah Palin degraded her ex-son-in-law- to -be for posing nude in PlayGirl!

Remember when the Kennedy name was THE name in Massachusetts! They were almost as popular than the Red Sox. Remember the lady (Mary Coakley) picked by the Democrats to replace Kennedy. She did not even know the Red Socks and thought Curt Schilling was a Yankee and was so aloof she wouldn't set in a pick-up.

Remember when you sort of understood politics!

Monday, January 18, 2010


As much as I would have liked for Dallas to win, it was gratifying to watch an old man having fun!

He is still the MAN.
OLD Guys Rule!

ironic immigration

At church yesterday the minister that we help support in Greece was showing slides of the horrible living conditions of the refugees that come to Athens from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Morocco, etc. During Q&A he was asked why the government did not help. Matt explained that to Greece these were illegal immigrants and that locals resented the refugee presence because they take away jobs, need care, etc.

Something caught me off guard. It is ironic!
Our church is helping illegal immigrants in Greece while judging by all state polls, Oklahomans (like us) are fighting against illegal immigrants harder than most areas of the country.

I'm not saying we don't help the needy in our community. We do that well, no matter what race, creed, etc.
I'm saying that if I polled most of our church members, the majority would be against doing in Oklahoma, what we support in Greece!

Food for thought.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti and the Book of Eli

Watching the TV coverage of the devastation in Haiti makes me recall the movie, "The Book of Eli" and in a small way the movie, "Leap Year". The utter destruction in Eli is computer generated. Haiti is real. The issues are the same. When the world is turned upside down and the comforts of life disappear, what is important. With Haiti, nations and organizations are rushing to help. You and I feel the need to do something.

Eli shows it a different way. What if the whole world was in the same boat? No help is coming. The looters, criminals and low life humans (that sometimes threaten Haiti) become rulers in Eli's world. It is the wild west with no Marshall.

In both cases water becomes the ultimate commodity. Soap is almost fantasy. Medicine and food are the dreams of life.

In the midst of both is the nagging need to believe in something. The need is God.

The comedy "Leap Year" has a recurring question: If your house was on fire and you had 60 seconds to take what you thought was important, what would it be? It's not the computer or remote!

The Book of Eli has a scene where Eli is telling a girl about life before the war. He said everyone had more than they needed. He said, "We were throwing away things that people would kill for now."

It comes down to God, Family and Water!

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for You are with me."

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Book of Eli: a story of the Less Traveled Road

Like many, I've been intrigued by the previews of "The Book of Eli". It had glimpses of "Max Max". It showed scenes that reminded me of old Clint Eastwood movies like "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". But the previews also gave a nod to the Book that Eli (Denzel Washington) carried that every one wanted. Was that the Bible? Was that Psalms 23 that he was quoting? Somehow this did not feel like the rest of the end of the world stories. So we went.

The answer is Yes, it IS about all of the above! It is a movie that will give church going people a start because it IS rated "R". It has the "F" word used through out by the kind of people that talk that way. The story is so good that many that should see it won't because of language and violence. The better news is the people that really need it WILL see it and get more than they expected. All that I will say is that it is story of Faith. It speaks to our throw-away society and it shows the stark difference of light and darkness.

I would easily recommend this movie. It is rated "R" but so is much of the Old Testament.

The photo of Alcatraz makes sense when you see the story.

It shows a unique version of the Less Traveled Road.

I give it ***1/2 stars.

2010 Movie #4

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Leap Year, the movie not the year!

Some of you (and me) watch shows on TV that are essentially the same. CSI has a formula. The set up changes but not the ending. Desperate Housewives keeps going but does the same story every year. Ugly Betty never gets out of her braces and hasn't learned anything. etc., etc.

Which brings me to Amy Adam's new movie, "Leap Year". The story is "girl is about to marry guy and meets guy with nothing to common and in the end needs to choose." It has been done many, many times from "the Graduate" to Hugh Grant. This movie is a great version. It mixes good gags with great scenery of Ireland. No, it is not ground breaking but fun just the same. it is good TV on the big screen.

I give it **1/2 stars.

2010 movie #3.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life in Hell!

So, then I suggested that they put Jay Leno on "before the news" and they bought it!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things parents say.

In my little world I see a common thread in the stories that I observe.

In the movie, "Precious" a sixteen year old girl is constantly told by her mother that she is nothing and has nothing to offer the world. she is told that she is dumb and should just get on welfare like her mother.

In the movie, "Avatar" the Blue inhabitants of the planet, Pandora, were seen as less than real people and like animals. Just kill them. We need their resources.

In the Book, "Have a Little Faith" by Mitch Albom, the Rabbi tells of an opportunity he had as a young Rabbi to talk to a group of Christian kids. This was in the 1950's and as he talked as asked if they had any questions. A little boy raised he hand and asked if he could see the Rabbi's horns. The boy's parents had told him that all Jews had horns.

Also in "Have a Little Faith" is the story of a Pastor in Detroit working with the homeless and those whose lives have been shattered by the economy, while the big suburban churches look the other way.

Today in church our Minister, Matt Gulley, who works among the refugees in Greece, told of meeting a man from Morocco who hated Americans. He was taught as a child by his parents to do so. He also told of Muslims that feared Christianity because they were taught that it was the Christian culture that created crime, pornography, decadent living and sin.

The question is: What are we teaching our young?

Just like the 50's when the Jewish and Black communities were seen as less than human, various parts of the media and Christianity are doing the same with Muslims. It is another version of "they have horns".

Some of our friends feel that the poor got in the mess they are in, and if they were worth anything they would change their lives. We would have to raise taxes or something to help them and that's not happening.

Seems as if we, Christians, are repeating ourselves again. I hope these stories will impact our young to go where we have not.

It is the Matt Gulleys, The Reb (Detroit Pastor), and others like Greg Mortenson ("Three Cups of Tea") that are on the Less Traveled Road. May God bless them!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Youth in Revolt in a revolting theater!

Michael Cera is my favorite young actor. I've seen him in "Juno", Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist", "Adventureland", and "Zombieland". He is always good even if he normally plays the same guy. Tonight we saw "Youth in Revolt" where he plays his normal nerdy self AND his cool alter ego at the same time. The previews showed a sweet guy who is still a virgin and is guided by his "other self". Well, it was that and a whole lot more. First let me say it is rated "R" and the language is "R' rated (though not constant). Second there is a little nudity, it is animated! The story sounds like it is a routine teen comedy, but there is nothing routine in this. It has a diverse cast of actors. His mother is Jean Smart, Her ex-husband & boyfriends are Steve Buscemi, Zach Galifianakis (Hangover) and Ray Liota. There are others that you have seen in many films. It is a crazy movie and one that I enjoyed. I can't recommend it because I don't want to be responsible!

Mary Kay Place (a Tulsa actor) plays the mother of a girl the star falls for and during the movie she utters a line only Okies would understand. She is playing cards with her husband and when she lays down the winning hand she says, "Thank you. Here's your change. You always save with OTASCO!" Cool.

Speaking of Cool. It was about 15 degrees outside. In the theater it was about 40 degrees in the concession area, about 30 in the halls and restrooms and about 60 in the theater! Not to say CARMIKE is not on top of things but: I had to get up and go find them so that it was time to start the projectors. Later, after the coming attractions, I had to tell them to turn out the lights in the theater! They were too busy huddling around the popcorn popper. And last but not least their restrooms are still equal to the bad service station toilets of the past. At least the leaking water keeps the place from freezing up!

I give the movie ***stars. The theater gets 1/2*!

2010 Movie #2

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Leopards & Windows 7, a computer tale

I write my blog on a MacBook laptop. At my office we use PCs. Most of our stations are Microsoft XP units and three of us run Vista.

Around Thanksgiving I ventured into the Apple Store looking around for stuff. Guy Stuff! In the process I realized that the iMac, which operates on an OS system, had an update that makes the MacBook go faster called OSX Snow Leopard. It bought it and installed it on my computer.

About the same time Windows 7 arrived promising to improve Vista. I asked Santa for it and hoped that during the holiday down time I could play with it. I even showed Santa which copy worked the best for me.

Christmas Day, Yea! Windows 7 Professional for Vista!

I hurried to the office and began installation. After about 15 minutes I was told by my computer that Windows 7 Professional Update did not work on my computer because I have Vista Home Premium. It told me to get Windows 7 Home Premium. Note: No where on the box did it tell me that there were different Vista versions. The BIG BOX Store that sold me both the computer and Santa the soft ware does not have Windows 7 Home Premium Update. Since I had opened the box, they did not want my new copy of 7 Pro.

Frustrated, I went on line to the Microsoft Store and found the needed update system for a mere $119.00. (Pro was $200,00.) Being anxious I downloaded the program instead of ordering the CD. So far, so good.

After a while the computer said download complete. Yea!
Nothing happened. No restart. No new icons and no set up. Nothing. It is the Monday after Christmas and all attempts to call tech support resulted in endless waits. I gave up and the new year started.

Today at 2:30pm CST I got in to Microsoft Tech Service, India Office and me and the techie shared my screen for the next 2 hours. He looked at everything and decided that I did not have enough RAM to install. I asked, "Won't the Vista removal create the needed space needed."
YES! We advance. He then shows me that some of my programs are corrupting the system and preventing installation. The items included i-tunes, safari, google tool bar and google earth.
(It did not slip by me that only Apple and Google programs cause problems- their main competitors) These had to be removed. While that was happening, we talked about the movie "Avatar" and then we both took a break and got disconnected. I frantically called India again and was told that they could not reconnect us but they would send him a note. While this discussion was progressing, I am watching the mouse on the screen erasing all kinds of things.

I set there irritated, but at 4:30pm CST I get a call from India. My guy had left for the day and my new Tech, Neetu Gupta, took over. She was working with me and two others at the same time. She starts over. At 6:00pm CST she informs me that since the set-up is starting she is also leaving for the day and will call me tomorrow.

At 7:30pm CST I had Windows 7 Home Premium Update. Only 5 HOURS!

I went home and will check it out tomorrow.

By the way, Remember the Apple Update, Snow Leopard the counter-part to my 7 update.
It cost $29.99 and took about 10 minutes to install (by myself).

Next time you see those Apple vs Microsoft commercials, believe it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Angels Unaware

The Bible says in Hebrews, "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."

Tonight after a meeting at church I arrived home just before 9:00pm. I had just sat down to eat a sandwich and I looked my cell phone and saw 2 recent calls from an unknown number. I called the number and got a Motel 6 recording. Not knowing any one there, I decided that it was wrong number. Ten minutes later I received a call from a guy that had just got to town and needed money. He was referred to me from another church member. I later found that it had been passed to me through two other people. I listened to his story and it sounded like many that I have heard before. He is going from Dallas back to Northern Illinois for the promise of a job. He is a 62 year old accountant raised Jewish in his home state, but coming to Dallas he was converted to Christianity (non-instrumental Church of Christ to be exact!) When the Bus dropped him in Our town, he had enough money for a motel room and $1.35 left. he is trying to get to Broken Arrow where a Jewish friend from the past now lives. The friend is out of town and won't be back until Wednesday. His answers to my questions were OK, but who knows?

Yes, I would have liked to say, "Sorry, not me." Instead I said, "I will meet you in the Motel 6 lobby at 9:30pm." I went and met him and gave him $50.00 and wished him God Speed. I told him that I didn't know if he was telling me the truth or not, but it was in the LORD's hands now.

Yea, He might be a scammer. How do you know? It may be that the movie, "Precious" or "Blindside" is still on my mind. It may be that passage out of the book, "Tipping Point" where people looked the other way after just studying the "Good Samaritan", and I had just left a Church meeting!

But, maybe it was an angel testing me. It is one thing to pass a beggar at an intersection. It's another when they call you on your cell phone and know your name!

I feel good anyhow.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Taking it literally

Today, Carol was doing things around the house (I was staying out of the way!) and she noticed that one of the bedrooms was quite cold. She looked in the closest and found that the hatch to the attic was not closed tight and old air was coming in. That trying to move it with a ruler, she called me.

After surveying the height of the ceiling etc., I looked around to something longer. I spotted the "shepherd's staff" that I was given when I became an elder/shepherd in our church. It is about six feet long with the large hook and solid wood. With it the job was simple and soon the room was comfortable again just like the Bible says, "Your Rod and Your Staff comforts me."

Bible and Football

I have several versions of the Bible on my iPhone which came in handy this week while watching football on TV. In the Florida game the TV had a closeup on Tebow's face and there on his cheeks in the black placed under his eyes was a verse from Ephesians. Today watching the Cotton Bowl, Ole Miss's star running back had John 17-17, while OSU's quarterback had Phillipians 3:14 on his face. So I sat there looking up scriptures while watching the game! This is the most religious thing I have ever done while watching games other than praying for a win, and questioning why GOD doesn't want my team to have a good experience!

Did you hear about the Morgans? No, that's ok.

After a miserable day of watching College Football and College basketball, we went to the movies. The only local movie that we had not seen was, "Did you Hear about the Morgans?" starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker. I knew this movie would be amusing but not great, and unlike the ball games, I was not disappointed. Sarah J. played, well, Sarah J. a connected New Yorker who liked clothes, glamour, and limelight just like every other acting job she has tackled. Hugh Grant played Hugh Grant. The back story at the beginning of the movie was that they were separated because he had a one night stand with another woman! It almost sounds real! So events of the movie leads them to Wyoming where they play "ducks out of water".
I saw an interview with Hugh Grant about the making of the movie. The state of Wyoming was played by New Mexico. The best thing about the movie was the soundtrack.

It was great fun for a rental which is my recommendation.
I give it **stars.

2010 Movie #1

Friday, January 1, 2010

On Coaching & Mike Leach

My first football coach in the seventh grade came up to me after I fumbled the football and got in my face and said, "Mr. Martin, Confucius says, "What profits the man who runs a touchdown and does not have the ball! Now run two laps around the football field ." If I needed to go to the bathroom during practice, I had to run two laps BEFORE I was permitted to go. I ran a lot. As a matter of fact running and other physical acts as common punishment for about anything (like running the bleachers). When I first started playing coaches cussed. That was the first thing to go. The next to go was the rubber hose that the coaches would hit us on the shoulder pads to get our attention. We just thought it was part of football.

Now, that is not to say that I always agreed with the coach. My junior year of high school I practiced with the starters all week when we were in pads as a starting running back. But every Thursday when the team worked out in shorts and no hitting, our senior running back was suddenly healed and started on Friday night. He always started until he wanted a rest! So much for hard work paying off. I was a good observer though and always knew the stories that were just below the surface. In this case it was that black running backs were always better in this coach's mind.

That brings me to Mike Leach. I tend to like people who go against the grain, because of strong internal bearings. Yes, I like Bobby Knight too! I knew when the story broke about Leach that this was going to be big. After all he was against a nationally know parent of one of his players who worked for ESPN, his university wanted him to cave, and we were hearing only one side of the story. The minute the news came out, all sportscasters were against Leach. He's a jerk. he endangered a young man and his Dad was only looking out for his son's safety. Leach locked the kid in a dark shed and made him stand like an animal for Pete's sake! Concussions are horrible injury's and in 2009 you don't treat kids like that!

So the school suspends Mike Leach, preventing him form coaching in a bowl (and earning a $800,000 bonus). Leach takes them to court and they fire him! Easy Call.

Mike Leach was interviewed today for the first time and says that Adam James was a lazy player who expected different treatment because of his famous dad. He stated the dad, Craig James, took up more time with the coaches and administration than all of the other parents combined. He also denied that the student athlete was mistreated and that the kid came to practice in sun glasses saying that the sun was giving him headaches. So, he put him in a dark Place. At this point it is "he said, they said".

Then he produces a letter from the team doctor saying that nothing that transpired endangered the boy and that the athlete was cleared to practice. Then a student trainer comes forward with a written statement that he was assigned to the kid and monitored him every 15 minutes and that he was not forced to stand and was never in a closet. He stated that the guy ate ice and slept on the floor!

So what happened? A ten year coach (who everyone in the universe knew was a different cat) who took his team to 10 straight bowls, helped his player graduate, and somehow made players want to go to school in Lubbock, Texas got fired.

By the way, he is only one of four D1 coaches in history that never played football! He does hold a Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University.

Who knows where the truth is? I have a hunch.

But the theme song for this story is "Lubbock Texas in My Rearview Mirror".