Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Circle

The Circle

This is a movie that you won't see so I did,  Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 16% and most of the reviews were bad. BUT I liked it.

The "Circle" is a mega company. Think Apple, FACEBOOK, Microsoft and Twitter as one company.
The campus depicted in the movie was in San Francisco area and the campus was patterned after the new Apple campus that is under construction.  Also Tom Hanks plays a cross between Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

They have developed a new system called "SEECHANGE" for a transparent society.  Everything we do, say, see, or write is recorded and in some cases shared with the world.   What could possibly go wrong?

While this sounds far-fetched, we know that the world is headed this way.  It is a very thought provoking story.

One scene shows Emma Watson, the new up and comer at the Circle who has decided to be the test person who puts everything  on the web "Live".  Her childhood friend who has avoided social media makes a light fixture out of antlers for her parents.  She shows it on her live feed and instantly her friend is accused of abusing animals and he gets hundreds of death threats.

It reminds me of an old Twilight Zone story.

This is where we are headed: For example when I use google for blog photos, no matter what I search for, if I scroll down far enough someone has posted porn photos.  Lets say in the future I get pulled over for speeding and the officer runs a scan of my life.  The read comes back that I have seen child porno on my computer and suddenly a traffic ticket becomes catching a pervert.

Far Fetched: Not at all.  The ideas presented are scarier than a Zombie Movie.

I think it got low ratings for being unsettling.

2017 Movie 18. I give it ***1/2 stars.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ber Rabbit and Ber Fox

As a kid, "Ber Rabbit and Ber Fox" was one of my favorite Disney Stories. The Rabbit was always being hunted by the Fox.  When the day came that he was caught, he pleaded with the Fox to do anything to him except, "Please Mr. Fox, Don't throw me into that Briar Patch!" "Anything but that."
As the story goes the Fox gladly tossed him into the patch only to learn that the "Briar Patch" was the Rabbit's home and place of safety.

Now in 2017 I became Ber Rabbit!

Having been in a protracted battle with my ex-employer who sued me for leaving his firm, sued my new firm, etc.  he sued for 300,000 dollars plus attorney's fees (another $200,000). It finally came down to one email that seemed to help Ber Fox. My attorney recommended filing for protection under current bankruptcy laws.  I first thought that all was lost but as the smoke cleared nothing happened. Everything in my firm and my personal life was protected except for one Briar Patch:

The Briar Patch: We owned and were about six months from paying off three "Time Share properties that we bought years ago. Two properties were paid and one in Florida was still fluid. Of course if you've ever bought such a property, you know that maintenance fees are forever and in our case about $200 a month.  We have been trying to get out of them ever since our daughter went to work for Hilton.  Through Hilton Friends and Family, we can stay at a Hilton property for less than at the timeshare!  BTW you can NEVER sell a timeshare for their worth.

Ber Fox however wanted to take something (anything) from me and so he settled for TAKING my timeshares.  He even had to pay $8,000 for the privilege and take up the maintenance payments.

"Please Mister Fox whatever you do, Don't take my timeshares!"

Ber Rabbit.

Catching up with the Movies

Haven't been posting lately. Life is getting in the way, but I am going to the movies.

Needed some escapism so tow movies come to mind:

One is "Going in Style" about three retired friends who worked together for years and now in retirement.  They find that they are cheated out of their pension and decide to rob the bank that ran their pension.  While there are meaningful discussion of retirement in these times and the heartless corporations, etc., it is a good comedy. When you have Morgan Freeman, Michael Cain and Alan Arkin you have the A team.  Enjoyed it and give it ***1/2 stars. 2017 Movie 14.

"Fate of the Furious" is a comedy action movie that while the story lacks in
 every way it is fun to watch this cast play with cars. It is the height of bad fiction when someone decides to "flip" a switch and take control of all the cars in New York City no matter that the are parked.  Ok Escapism and time with popcorn.  I give it **1/2 stars. 2017 Movie 15

"Gifted" is a thoughtful and thought provoking story of a gifted child and the battle for her future and to control her life. Great acting. Great writing. Great honesty. I highly recommend.
**** stars.  2017 Movie 16

"Guardians of the Galaxy 2" is why I go the the movies. It is a comedy Sci-Fi movie of "Old friends and their escapades."  The 80's soundtrack is great. There are great cameos of 80's stars.  It was simply a delight.  Stay through the credits because there are 5 additional scenes shown.
***** stars. 2017 Movie 17.