Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall Movies 2

The Good movies are starting to arrive but not soon enough. Went to see three more:

"Inferno" was just OK. I see almost anything that Tom Hanks is in and with Ron Howard directing I know  the story will make sense.  Dan Brown's book are a little much for me but the movie was entertaining. **1/2 stars; 2016 movie 34

"Keeping up with the Jones'" was just a fun popcorn movie. Good actors, witty dialogue.  Fun in the dark with popcorn. **1/2 stars; 2016 movie 35

"Hacksaw Ridge" is a different horse. This is a true story that I used in my Sunday School  class for two weeks before the movie arrived. You can go on YouTube and see an 18 video about the true events that are portrayed and listen to the real Desmond Dodd tell his tale. A Seventh  Day Adventist who enlisted in the Army in WW2 but refused to fight but became a Medic. It is a story of living out your faith and great heroism.  It has harsh war scenes not for the timid.  If you can stand the battles the rest is very fulfilling.  I give it *****stars; 2016 movie 36