Tuesday, June 6, 2017

summer movies 1

Baywatch:  Its what you would expect in that it is good looking people, juvenile humor and water,
Popcorn movie  I give it **stars. 2017 Movie #19

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales  If only. It is mildly entertaining and needs to be the last.  just OK.  I give it ** stars out of five. 2017 Movie # 20

Wonder Woman:  finally a super hero with a heart.  It is well written and acted.  Gritty World War 2 scenes. Great banter with the cast Chris Pike was great with W Woman.  Enjoyed it in a similar way of "Ant Man".   Great action flick.   I give it **** stars. 2017 Movie #21

Alien Covenant:  Yes another Alien. This movie is actually a prequel to the original.  Even though I knew all about the Alien, it was still scary as crap.  Great Sci-Fi !  Ridley Scott does great work with space movies. I give it ***1/2 stars. 2017  movie # 22