Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Our Brand is Crisis

This is a movie about Politics and the people that run the campaigns. Not the staff, but the hired guns who are behind the scenes manipulating the public and the candidates. The movie takes place in Bolivia, but only keep us from trying to guess if they are Democrat or Republican.  It is though a look at what's wrong with us as humans. There is humor and drama. There is action and dialogue.  The non-thinking world won't see this and never know why they like people like Trump, Sanders, or Palin.  They can make us do whatever they want us to do.  WE are so predictable.

One of the best lines in the movie was when Sandra Bullock says, "If voting changed things, they would make it illegal!"

Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton are great as competing experts.  The dirty tricks were entertaining.

The title?  Our Brand is Crisis is what Ms Bullock introduced to the campaign.  The nation is in crisis and only we can solve the problems!

I give it ***1/2 stars  2015 Movie #49

PS This reminds me of a blog that I once posted called, "Stir it till it stinks"

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I thoughts on giving children shots

The Church

Saw this on the Net:

The church is like a swimming pool.  Most of the noise comes from the shallow end.

Wish this wasn't true

Becoming Steve Jobs

The movie, "Steve Jobs" was the best version of his story outside the book.  It shows the intensity and thought processes of this unusual person.  The movie is in three acts like a play with several flashbacks.  Each scene is just minutes before he is about to unveil a new product. He did all such events in the same San Francisco Theater.  Act 1 is unveiling the Macintosh computer. Act two is the unveiling of the "NEXT" computer and Act 3 is the unveiling of the iMac.  The actual unveilings are never scene.  What is seen his his interactions with those he works or have worked with and his daughter.

As in the book I keep asking, "Could I work for this guy more than a day?"  He is either a tormented genius or the Genius who torments.  OR he is both.

Great Movie, Great Acting. This is a movie of dialogue. If you need action, go elsewhere.

I give this movie a second straight *****stars. 2015 Movie #48

Monday, October 19, 2015

Bridge of Spies

Here is a movie that is taken right from my "Weekly Reader" in school.  It speaks of the U2 spy plane that the Russians shot down during the height of the COLD WAR. It was during this time that I had regular dreams about the Russians attacking Haskell, Oklahoma with bombers in the skies and bombs dropping and parachutes with soldiers coming for us. 

Steven Spielberg captures it all in nothing short of perfection. Tom Hanks (the Jimmy Stuart of our time) is great as the attorney chosen to help in the great spy swap.  The imagery is much more than that story though. The subtle references in the movie shows a great director at work.. Example: One scene in the movie has a group of East German punks take the overcoat from Hanks' character.  Then at the end of the movie in a ten second scene, Hanks is back in NYC riding the train and looks out the window to see American pinks breaking into to a house near the tracks! Spielberg lays everything bare.

Sad that only Boomers will see this. A great History lesson and great story. Hard not to get emotional watching this.

Simply ***** 5 Star.  2015 movie 47

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blogging or not.

I have reached point of questions.  Why am I still blogging?  Do I think it matters? Does anyone read this drivel?  I started as sort of a journal and with the idea of sharing thoughts about things in my world. One thought was that maybe when I'm gone, my grand kids and kids may sometime read some of it and finely figure out who I am or was.  I haven't blogged as much in recent times because back when I did it regularly, I made of people mad. They are no longer reading though so maybe I can reboot or something.   I am thinking about where to go from here.

"but I have miles to go before I sleep." 

Sicario - A movie for Donald Trump

I went to see "Sicario", a movie that I knew I would like. It is about drug wars, Mexican cartels and life along the fences between the USA and Mexico.

Scary means Hit Man but part of the mystery is which character is the hit man and who is really in charge.  The previews seem tense, bloody and maybe distasteful.  The movie is tense and moves fast, but the director is brilliant and much of the killing and blood is either implied or off camera. Even the language is less than expected.

The movie is so well acted. We are placed with the Emily Blunt character who is an FBI agent placed with a task force.  As we uncovers what is going on, we only know what she learns.  Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro are great in this great movie.

****1/2 stars    2015 movie 46 

Monday, October 5, 2015

If I could teach

If I could teach a class in our church, I think I would want to study Common decency, respect and how we should treat each other.  I think some that stuff is in the Bible.

My Elder came for a visit

Elder Francis (pope to many) came to our country for a visit.  My Mother said: "I'll be glad when he leaves!" I said that I was enjoying his time here, and then she looked at me funny and said, "Well its ok."

Not many people in my circle was glad he came. My fellow Christians worried that he was political what with him talking about saving the planet's resources. He must be democrat.

He talked about helping the immigrants and giving to those in need and we worried that he was a communist or socialist.

He talked about abortion and even acknowledged that those who had abortions could be forgiven. The Democrats didn't like that and the Conservative Christians didn't think he had the right or the power.

He gave a speech to Congress and talked about the Golden Rule and reminded all that we all are immigrants.  The Golden Rule doesn't go over well with conservative people who now teach: "Do unto others because they have it coming for being lazy and stupid.

My elder stopped his motorcade many times to touch the sick, lame and small children. 

He touched me.  His words were the words of Jesus.  His view was to fields ripe for harvest.

We are just unruly field hands who want our way!

Lord have mercy on us.

Martians - My World's Collide

My favorite book of fiction so far this year was "The Martian". I missed it when it first was released but glad I discovered it. I was also happy to know that the main character of the book was going to be played by Matt Damon when the movie was released. 

First the book (audio download) was great and intense! It was so well written that the mental images flooded me and I was along for the adventure.

Now the movie is out and I must say it is equally great but different.  Because it was a two hour movie, many scenes and happening were omitted. I agree with a friend who said that this book should have been a mini-series.   The remaining story will serve everyone well.  Some have said things like:

It is "Castaway" for a new generation.

The movie is not as tense as the book because of the condensed nature.

Matt Damon was perfect!

NASA even says that the movie is accurate except for the Dust storms and is very pleased.

One reviewer stated that it ranks next the "2001 Space Oddessey" as the best Space movies.

PG13 for Language (when you are stuck on Mars, you will CUSS)

I give it *****stars

2015 movie 45