Friday, April 27, 2012

The Five Year Engagement

We were having movie popcorn withdrawal.  We did go to a new movie  (not to be named) on Tuesday, and made it made through the popcorn and left after deciding we were too old to be there. It was R and contained a very unfunny wrath of F bombs and penis jokes. We should not have attended, but we tried to be open minded. But I'm not 21 and won't Jump in that Street.

So tonight we tried again even though it was another Rated R comedy. I had read enough about it and was interested.  It had plenty to think about and was a witty story. Yes, it also was filled with F-bombs, but tolerable among consenting adults. I sure hate to think that everyone on the coasts have lost their vocabulary. (I degrees).   The movie was by the same people who made "Bridesmaids. It is about a couple that gets engaged but because of her work, keeps delaying the wedding. It alternates between San Francisco and Ann Arbor, Michigan. It has a great cast. It is also about 2 and 1/2 hours long!

It is adult fun. I give it ***stars

2012 Movie #14 1/2

Monday, April 23, 2012

Was it Boneheaded or was it me?

Ok, yesterday at church our minister said something that I passed off as a little bone-headed. He was talking about the scripture where the prostitute came in to where Jesus was and washed his feet and used rich perfume on his head, to the offense of those present.  The preacher then said that to make a point he thought about having a prostitute to come up on stage a giving him a back rub while he preached this lesson!  When I heard it I thought of all the conservative people who would wonder:  Would he Do That?, Does he know prostitutes?, Why did he paint that image? And I thought: "He should have worded it differently."  I let it go and began to see the point he wanted to make which was: "Jesus came to seek and save the lost.  That is who was drawn to him because he was comfortable with them."  he went a head a challenged us to get out of our comfort zone.  

Today one of our leaders sent a text and asked me if  anyone besides him got any comments about paying a prostitute.  I was busy at work and simply responded that no one contacted me but that the comment was bone-headed.  The "paying" comment was a bad choice of words.

I thought about it the rest of the day.  While I still believe that his delivery of the example did not come off like he intended and did needlessly raised a few eyebrows about paying prostitutes, it, by mistake, made the point EVEN STRONGER.  It was a comment that did the same as if it happened. How else would you get a "prostitute" to do that?  

But more than that we are uncomfortable knowing that a prostitute would be there like that.  WE have for a fact had prostitutes in our presence and would not have wanted our kids and others to know about it.

His sermon was more effective than I thought  EVEN THOUGH.................... I now know how the pharisees felt!  Jesus, just makes us uncomfortable!

We aren't there yet.   We  will sometime learn to trust each other. I hope.  We do need to quit wanting our comfort level stroked.

We can't fire the preacher though, he already quit!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dick Clark and Rock

The announcement of Dick Clark's death was sad for me because my love for music started with him. In the 50's about 1958 "American Bandstand" was an afternoon staple.  I had already discovered Elvis, but he expanded my knowledge of Rock and Roll.  I got to know teenagers from Philadelphia that danced every day on the show and I learned terms like "It's got a good beat and you can dance to it." when rating a record.

One of the first concerts that I attended when the Tulsa Civic Assembly Center opened was the "Dick Clark Caravan of Stars".  It was a collection of one hit wonders like Bobby Freeman singing the "Swim"and singers that soon would be at the top for good like the Supremes.

In College Clark produced "Where the Action Is" that showcased Freddy Cannon and Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Dick Clark continued to control the Rock Industry and Country with his "AWARD" shows including the American Music Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Dick Clark had his hand in Music and moved us from thought to thought.  

I miss the simple times like American Bandstand but today it would make as much sense as a Model A Ford.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

That Settles it!

I went down to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame today for an event and stumbled onto an interview that was about to begin. Ron Boren came out and said, "I'm about to film an interview with Mike Settle. Do you know him?" I said, "No, but I have been to his concerts." Ron said for me to come with him and he introduced me to him. Then they said that they wanted me to film me telling Mr. Settle about my experience which goes like this:

In 1965 I first real date (when I spent real money) with my future wife was to go to the Tulsa Assembly Center to see a concert of the New Christy Minstrels. This group was a hugely popular folk group (think Hoot-n-nany days) that featured a group of super talented singers including Mike Settle (from Muskogee) and Kenny Rogers.

Later in 1968 while at Oklahoma State we went to see a new group called "The First Edition" that had the current Number 1 song, "I don't know what condition my condition is" . The First Edition had in its group Mike Settle and Kenny Rogers. The drummer was Mickey Jones.

When telling the last part, Mike said, "Was that the tour with Pat Paulsen?"

It was Paulsen was a TV comedian who launched a fake campaign for President during the same year that Robert Kennedy and Nixon were running.

It was an honor to meet him at such a unusual instance.

Yes, he does deserve to be inducted into the OK Music Hall of Fame as performer and songwriter.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on Brave Women

It wasn't lost on me that the Hunger Games story of the Brave and determined young lady with a bow has made Hollywood wake up.

We went to see "Mirror, Mirror" today and had a blast watching Julie Roberts, Nathan Lane and company have fun with the Snow White story. It was a great time and as witty as it was twisted.
The story also portrayed Snow White as someone who learns to take care of herself and battle for others. Hmmmmmm. She used a sword though.

During the previews the trailer for "Brave" the Disney Pixar animation was shown and it just so happened that the heroin of this tale is a master with a bow!

I expect a few more of these before the course is run. Actually, the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, was right there as well.

I give Mirror, Mirror ***stars.

2012 movie #13

That's what he said.

So we had the grandsons Friday night and in our plans for meals, we included corn on the cob remembering how well they liked it last summer. Avery the oldest (8 years old) did not want any as we passed the food around. Carol said, "I thought you liked corn on the cob. You ate it last year."

He replied, "That's not who I am now."


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gas in the oil patch!

Out in the Oklahoma Panhandle I am literally IN "the old patch". All these oil wells and white oil company pick ups everywhere (Chevys, Fords and Rams). I feel like a true alien driving a Clean, black HONDA Ridgeline. I don't have any red dirt on my vehicle so everyone stares. I am driving a foreign truck so everyone stares.

I am not about to tell them that in Tulsa gas is $3.54, not $3.85 like here, because that would tip them that I use ethanol-laced gas. That would be like admitting that I am also a democrat.


At dinner tonight in a Mazzio's, I was eating pizza and reading my USA Today and a guy approached me and asked where I came from!
He went ahead to say that the USA Today is not sold in this area. Yikes! I parked my truck behind the Hotel!

I think I can still slip through the lines and get back home, but I can't stay in one place too long!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

How it works

This cartoon comes up the current state of things and how it all works no matter what the politicians think:

Jeff, Who lives at Home

Need a movie that's not "run of the mill"? I did. We went to see a small independent movie, "Jeff, Who Lives at Home starring Jason Segel, Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon and Judy Greer.
Jeff (Jason Segel) is a 30 year old pot smoker who lives at home in his mother's basement and has watched M. Night Shyamlan's movie "Signs" way too many times. He breaks from reality every time he sees what he believes to be a sign. His older brother (Ed Helms) is also a piece of work who is going through a mid-life crisis type of thing and buys a new Porsche against the will of his wife. The brothers don't get along with each other or their mother played Susan Sarandon.

The movie is one day in their lives and it is crazy, funny and at the same time real. It is paced well and you get to spend time watching dysfunction at its best. You don't ever see where this a going but it is a good ride.

It is R for the frequent use of the F-word. The only violence is the treatment of a new Porsche Boxster. It is PG50: Only people with experience will get it!

I give it ***1/2 stars

2012 movie #12

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cartoon Fix

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm not being fed!

In Jonathon Acuff's great book, "Stuff Christians Like" he says,

"If you want to become a professional church grumbler, not just some amateur occasionally throwing rocks at the worship service, minister or other attributes of the church, there's one key phrase you need to know:

"I'm not being fed."

This simple compliant--the teaching is lacking, the sermons are thin, the worship music is not uplifting enough, or a million other things that people find inadequate---is the official complaint of church grumblers the world over."

He goes ahead to tell about what his friend says when told that they are not being fed. He says:

"I'm perfectly happy to spoon feed my one-year-old. But of I'm spoon-feeding him when he's five, we've got a problem."

I thought of this because our church will soon begin a long process of selecting a new minister and worship leader. This is when these folks step forward to explain to the leaders why they want a change in direction. Mind you: Not a direction they can define. They will tell you when they see it and they will look for someone "like them". They will want someone with nothing new to feed them.

After all this isn't about "being fed", this is about "being comfortable while being righteous."

This is why GOD gave the Children of Israel a king named "Saul". He fit the grumbler's image not GOD's.