Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I had seen seven of the eight movies nominated for Best Picture this year. I  only lacked: "Moonlight".  I thought I knew enough about the story But I DID NOT!

"Moonlight" is one of the best movies of the year.  Great acting and directing. Great Camera work.

The story introduces us to a small black boy (Little) in Florida and follows his life in three acts. child, high school and adult.  He is a frail son of a mother on drugs who is forced to figure out life on his own.
He is neglected at home, bullied at school and at play. The Big kids torment him and call him "Faggot", chase him and beat him.

In one opening scene he takes refuge in an  empty apartment and is found by the local drug dealer.
The dealer is very sensitive to the boy and he and his wife becomes the safety net for Little. He even teaches him to swim and offers protection.  The dealer is not the typical stereotype and they become friends.  The dealer even lectures his Mother.  All is well until Little realizes that the dealer sells to his mother.

He does have an encounter with a boy from school but the boy later is told by the Bullies to beat him up.

We watch him grow into a man without love or direction.

FYI: He becomes a dealer and a Big guy.  Great but sad story about misconceptions of people and their hearts.

It is *****star.  2017 movie #9

Lego Batman

Not much to say. Good Popcorn movie and very witty. I challenge you to watch it without thinking a Trump.  Can't be done.

Fun movie: 2017 movie #8   I give it ***  stars.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


"Gold" the movie is true tale of searching for Gold.  Matthew McConaughey stars and literally transforms himself into a totally different guy. He adds 50 pounds and a bald head to play a third generation prostector.  It is also a movie about greed, fraud, and being blinded bt GOLD.  It is like the Wall Street debacle and wall street even has a role in this.

Great story, action and ending.   It doesn't get good reviews but it is a movie goer's movie.

2017 movie #7    I give it ***1/2 stars