Friday, April 22, 2016


Jungle Book Revisited

I was a fan of the 1980's Disney Jungle Book. BUT the 2016 version totally blew me away.
Just knowing the that "Man Cub" was the only real element of the movie was wild. Everything scenery, animals, water, etc. was all animation in a manner that Jurassic Park and Star Wars fans would approve. It shows that special effects can be used for something other than blowing up cities in action and sci-fi flicks.

Any Who I give Jungle Book **** stars, 2016 movie #12

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello My Name is Doris

We took in a movie this weekend and tried for a very different movie and we found it.
"Hello, My Name is Doris" is a fascinating story of a "Boomer" spinster trying to regain her life. Sally Fields plays a woman who chose to take care of her Mother through the years and do what was asked. The movie starts with her mother dying and she is suddenly alone in a house where they had been hoarding junk for years. She is a data entry clerk in a clothing company and has worked there for years. Though it is now totally run by twenty-somethings she has kept her job for diversity reasons.

This story is how she tries to fit in with the younger crowd and is infatuated with the new young art director. She has such wild clothes, head bands and all that when she ventures to a concert of a techno band. She becomes a band favorite.  This is not just a comedy and not just a duck-out-of-water tale, it is a neat slice of life that that is touching and real.

I give it ***1/2 stars. 2016 Movie #11

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ten Commandments Theory

The Pharisees had check lists. Every thing was fine if you followed all the laws. Public demonstrations of faith were their strong suit.  They would and do love all the time spent by our public officials who are eager to display the Ten Commandments on Courthouse lawns and Capital Grounds. 

Do you think that none believers will see  this idol and think about Jesus?  They will probably think of Charlton Heston, both for the movie and the NRA. 

They look at Jewish law as the basis for Christianity.  Actually, Jesus is that basis.

Jesus did not promote Jewish Law.  He said that the greatest commandment was to love GOD with all our heart, mind and strength. He said the second command is to love you neighbor as yourself.
He said, "There is no commandment greater than these."

How come we are not wanting to put these two commandments on the lawns?

For that matter if you want to display your faith put it in your own yard.

Sometimes we turn into Jewish Pharisees. It is easier to look at the 10 commandments than to love each other.