Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mike may, or may not, have seen a movie

There is a possibility that I may have seen a somewhat western movie last night.  I may or may not have laughed very much and I may or may not have been grossed out a lot.

I will of course verify this later.  In the meantime I cannot discuss whether I may have seen this movie.  There are 1,000,000 reasons to not talk about such things.

But if I had it would have been 2014 Movie #19

46 on 33

Today we traveled to Cushing, Oklahoma to watch our grandson play in a baseball tournament.  We drove on Highway 33 from Kellyville to Drumright to Cushing.  It was a meaningful ride.  46 years ago tomorrow, we started making our trips between our hometown and OSU where  we first started our married lives.  As we drove, we looked for the places we would stop to buy a slush to cool off (no air conditioning in my 55 Ford Crown Vic).  Or the time at Olive that I was stopped by the Highway Patrol for speeding and as we pulled over, the radiator hose blew on our 65 Mustang making it look like I had been traveling at super speed.  

Many landmarks are gone but many remain including us. We started that Journey, 46 years ago and what a ride it has been.  

Life has taken us places we would never imagined and given us experiences that few people could survive.   Through everything GOD has been good and true to us.  HE has carried us on this journey and I am ever grateful.

Happy 46th Babe. 

As the song that was popular when we were dating says:  "I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow."

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mean While Back at the Ranch

I haven't Blogged in a month and today the three people who still read it asked why.  The answer is too much life is going on.  

I am in the process of changing jobs and starting a new business.  More about that later.  Their are some wild stories brewing.

I have seen two movies lately the lowest number for a month ever.  There are not many good movies to see. For the first time in my life TV is better than the movies.

The movies: Godzilla (I saw the first of these in the 1950's) and Million Dollar Arm (A Good True Story).  Not much to say about them other than:  Godzilla: 1 star,  Milion Dollar Arm: 3 stars.

2014 movies # 17 & 18.  We think we saw another one but it must have been really bad.

I will get started back with the blog this week for my own sanity.  I don't expect anyone to miss my babble, but it is important for me.