Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Catching Up on Movies

Nerve:  A cautionary tale for the Cell Phone game fans (Pok√©mon Go).  This is a fun summer movie about a night playing a dangerous social media game. Very enjoyable.  ***stars   2016 Movie 27

War Dogs: Based on a True Story of Gun Runners during the Iraq War. Enjoyable popcorn movie.
*** stars out of 5. 2016 Movie 28

Hell or High Water:  This is my favorite movie this summer. I will probably rate it too high but Jeff Bridges was great as a retiring Texas Ranger looking for bank robbers in West Texas.  I grinned through the entire movie. It has its drama but this is why I go to the movies.  I give it ***** stars
2016 movie 29

Hands of Stone: The true story of the boxer, Roberto Duran.  I was intrigued by this movie because one of my favorite singer, Paul Thorn (an ex-boxer), once went 7 rounds against Duran. The movie centers on his history with Sugar Ray Leonard (played by Usher).  Great Movie. Robert DeNiro plays his trainer.  **** stars 2016 movie 30