Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Scary Movies

As a rule I do watch Scary Movies. The slasher, or zombie or high body count teen thrillers are not for me.  There is some that appeal to me such as the last two movies that I viewed.

"Life" is the story of a group of astronauts on an International Space Station that receive a specimen from a Rover Robot that has come from Mars. It contains a microbe that is believed to be proof of LIFE on Mars. They will study it in Space and not risk bringing it to earth.  Ok so far?

All I need to say is: For what comes next, think of "Alien".  It gets wild, wooly and scary.

The end is a big surprise but getting there is half the fun.  Great popcorn movie.

I give it ***1/2 stars. 2017 movie 13

The next is "Get Out" a fil that gets great reviews but little attention. He have thought about this a long time before going.  (Nothing else good in our area).  Glad I did.  Let's take about three different stories: "Guess whose coming to Dinner?, Stepford Wives, and lets just say "Twilight Zone". Mix well and add some dark comedy.  Great Movie.   The horror and scary feeling is in your mind more than on the screen. It is well crafted and well acted.

I give it *****stars . 2017 movie 14

Saturday, March 25, 2017

God With Us or God for Us 1

I attend a church that was founded on a principle of  being a place of refuge  for those who were shoved aside by the Pharisees that live among us. This was not our central principle but because of the void that existed, it brought many into our midst that were shunned because of divorce, or disagreement with leadership, or family troubles, or personal demons that others found revolting.

We grew as a body and empowered many who had lost their hope in finding a family.

Then comes change. We gained many who looked for a home until we captured that market.

We then looked in our community and found a college nearby. We invited them in.  They came looking for a home away from home. We have tried to be that.  Strangers ask questions.

We don't always have the answers but we studied.

Through our study of the Bible we began to open worship to female participation.  A place of refuge for those shoved aside.

We have had some of our long time members leave recently.

I ask, "Do we believe in GOD WITH US or GOD FOR US?

I have watched closely those who leave and ask the questions, 

"Did they leave so that they could do a better work somewhere else? 

OR Did they leave so that they could be more comfortable? 
OR Did they leave so that they did not want to change?


What do you think?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Experimental Theology: The Accidental Empire: Christian Resistance in the...

This is good stuff for thought:

Experimental Theology: The Accidental Empire: Christian Resistance in the...: What does Christian political resistance look like in the age of Trump? Mark Lilla in his book The Stillborn God describes Christendom ...

Catching Up at the Movies

Weird collection of movie:  An aging superhero, a monster from my youth and a Shack.

"Logan" is of course the "Wolverine" of the X-Men series. And as any animal, he is getting long in the tooth.  This is one of those stories of passing the torch to a younger version of him although a girl.  It is a fitting end for Logan. I had to see it through but lets face it Logan needs to rest.

2017 Movie #10   I give it ***stars.

"The Shack" is a movie that I dreaded like i dreaded the book. Having dealt with the death of a daughter (actually never finishing), it is not entertainment.  The movie in many ways is better than the book because it condenses without missing the point.  The gist of the story is the importance of our connection with God and our friends and family.  People debate the theology that is implied in the book, but the message is much simpler. Sometimes we have to get out of our way and our mind and open up to God and open up to see those who love us and need our love.  Hate and guilt and grudges keep us bottled up.  I loved this version of the story.

2017 Movie #11  I give it ****1/2 stars

Ok, "Kong, Skull Island" is a pleasure of my youth.  I loved King Kong as a kid. It was the first story of greed and men who just want to make money if it it risk people and things. King Kong was one of those Things.  This retelling is filled with Hollywood A-list actors and is great action fun.  not was what I needed to end the week.  AND I liked it in 3D.

2017 Movie #12  I give it **** stars

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I had seen seven of the eight movies nominated for Best Picture this year. I  only lacked: "Moonlight".  I thought I knew enough about the story But I DID NOT!

"Moonlight" is one of the best movies of the year.  Great acting and directing. Great Camera work.

The story introduces us to a small black boy (Little) in Florida and follows his life in three acts. child, high school and adult.  He is a frail son of a mother on drugs who is forced to figure out life on his own.
He is neglected at home, bullied at school and at play. The Big kids torment him and call him "Faggot", chase him and beat him.

In one opening scene he takes refuge in an  empty apartment and is found by the local drug dealer.
The dealer is very sensitive to the boy and he and his wife becomes the safety net for Little. He even teaches him to swim and offers protection.  The dealer is not the typical stereotype and they become friends.  The dealer even lectures his Mother.  All is well until Little realizes that the dealer sells to his mother.

He does have an encounter with a boy from school but the boy later is told by the Bullies to beat him up.

We watch him grow into a man without love or direction.

FYI: He becomes a dealer and a Big guy.  Great but sad story about misconceptions of people and their hearts.

It is *****star.  2017 movie #9

Lego Batman

Not much to say. Good Popcorn movie and very witty. I challenge you to watch it without thinking a Trump.  Can't be done.

Fun movie: 2017 movie #8   I give it ***  stars.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


"Gold" the movie is true tale of searching for Gold.  Matthew McConaughey stars and literally transforms himself into a totally different guy. He adds 50 pounds and a bald head to play a third generation prostector.  It is also a movie about greed, fraud, and being blinded bt GOLD.  It is like the Wall Street debacle and wall street even has a role in this.

Great story, action and ending.   It doesn't get good reviews but it is a movie goer's movie.

2017 movie #7    I give it ***1/2 stars