Thursday, June 30, 2016

Angry Birds come in many forms

We took Asher to see "Angry Birds".  It was a big deal. We got a T-shirt and some Angry Birds Legos as well. It was a lot of fun. Good movie with a good message.  I give it *** stars. 2016 Movie #17.

For escape we went to see "Independence Day, Resurgence". Our prime motivation was popcorn and see a popcorn movie.  This version is more aptly titled, "Revenge of Alien Angry Birds".  The movie was essentially the same one as the first with new effects.  It was ok for what we needed.
It was **1/2 stars. 2016 movie #18

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

California Dreaming

48 years ago several things happened: On June 1 we got married.  On Monday June 4 I started Summer school at OSU. On Tuesday, June 5 I had my 21st birthday and also that night I watched the California Primary on our little black and white TV in our attic apartment about two blocks from campus. Carol had called it a night, but I stayed up after Midnight because Bobby Kennedy had just won the primary. Then in the blink of an eye, RFK was shot live on TV.

Yes it was a impactful week.

I still wonder how things would have changed if RFK was around to beat Nixon.

Just like we will be wondering this year.

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Trouble with Church Family

Most churches that I have attended in my life believed that they were welcoming and friendly. They like to say, "WE are all Family here."   AND, "WE are here to honor Jesus".  HIS will be done.

Yet: People leave because they are uncomfortable with our women leading prayer. On the way out they say,  "I hate to leave this Church. My kids love it here and we have friends here, but I can't stand for a woman saying a prayer."  So they go to another Church that also has things they don't like. No Church group is as perfect as we are!

Family is not about me getting my way. Family is the give and take of life. There have been many things that have happened and are happening  in our Church Family that I disagree with. Some are even "unscriptural" I nature. In my Christian Family there are some that make me cringe the moment they step to a microphone.  Like wise I am certain that there are many that cringe when I do something before the group.  It is they way we are wired.  Paul wrote to the Corinthians about the strange things they did. He asked them to shape up but he never told them to leave!

Someday we may realize that the worship was not planned around US.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cotton Days

I was talking to my Mother (Euna) on Memorial Day and she told me about babysitting the neighbor's baby when she was young. Her mother was asked by the neighbor if Euna could set for her baby while she went to the fields to chop cotton.  She told me that she was very scared being with that baby alone with everyone gone and in a strange house.  She said she became
 so frightened that she carried the baby out into the cotton patch and gave her back to the lady.

My Mother was 6 years old at the time. She said she saw the "baby" the other day and she is now "89". Mother is 95.

Three good summer movies

These are three engaging movies for adults this summer for three very different reasons:

"Nice Guys" is a hilarious buddy movie about private investigators who help each other on a weird case.  The humor reminds me of the first "Hangover" movie. Stout language , many laughs.
A favorite

****stars 2016 movie 14

"Money Monster" is a tense, hostage-type movie,
well acted and timely subject.
***1/2 stars 2016 movie 15

"Love and Friendship" is a comedy based on a Jane Austen Novel. Witty British Humor, Downton Abbey fans would like. Enjoyed it a lot.

****stars 2016 movie 16