Saturday, January 21, 2017

These Days

I haven't commented about the president 0r the state of civility in this country- or more to the point the state of my Republican friends that support the changes at hand on FACEBOOK.

To start at the beginning of the change: I suffered through George W Bush. He was our President during a difficult time after 911 and I tried to be a good citizen. I did make fun of him at times for some of the crazy things he said without thought.  But he was my President and the leader of the USA.

When Obama won and took office, I was pleased. He was the best available person for the job. But from the beginning the Republican  party openly said that they would fight against all of his ideas. And  they did!  I watched an 8 year ugly attack.  My friends said that he was not THEIR President because he was after their guns and their freedom.  It was stated freely that he was going to try to become an emperor and end democracy.  Many said that he was not legit since he was not born in the USA and they had Donald Trump to quote.  They said that he was not Christian and was Muslim.
The last 8 years of attacks were not based on facts.

Facts have become irrelevant in our new society. True is what I believe. Don't muddy it with facts.

I have 8 years of this.

Now to my great surprise Donald Trump is the President.  Funny thing is: Those that NEVER accepted Obama as President say well now we should all come together and support him. Anyone who does not is unpatriotic.  I am confused. I was taught by these people that facts don't matter and never mind that they did not support the president for eight years , its my job to do it.

Trump can joke about molesting women and I'm told "Boys will be boys" but my Facebook is filled today with photos that people are deriding President Clinton because they think he was gawking at Mrs. Trump?  Bad Guy!

Trump is my President. He Stole it fair and Square in the current "Facts". He didn't need help but if the Russians, the FBI director , and Wikileaks want to show themselves , OK.

He is my President but he has NOT earned my respect for him as a man or as a Christian.
I am frankly appalled at my Religious friends who believe that he was place their by GOD.

I know the scripture that says that God allows any ruler to govern.  He allowed Saul to be Kind even though David was his choice.  He told Samuel that the people wanting a King was there rejection of HIM- GOD.  He gave them what the wanted. The rest is History.

My point is that GOD doesn't see the world like you and I.  Donald Trump has proven his ignorance of scripture and shows no relationship with GOD.

Christians like him because he is against abortion and NOT supporting people on welfare. In their minds these items out weigh  Humble, Kind, Compassion, etc.

I enter this time with NO exceptions of a Government for the people. I hope that I am wrong, but so far I am not.

Yes, I would love to talk.

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