Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Fear of Change

I live in a changing world. I talent is changing things. The life of an Architect is to see needs and make changes that give better opportunities for people to excel or just live better.

Technology is changing at unbelievable speeds. Society is not. Society in my world has gone from a Can Do attitude to a "WE might be wrong! attitude.  I see people who don't want change even if it gives them freedom because they don't want "everyone" to have freedom. Jesus said many times, "Do not Fear".  But fear is being sold in the Politics, our churches and in our daily past times. 

The kind of fear available at any time would not have settled this nation.

Friday, January 22, 2016

I can make you speed.

When I drive the turnpike, I generally set the cruise control on 79 MPH. Yes, it is speeding but just 4 over. By driving with cruise control I can really judge the driving habits of others. Sometimes I am in my Lexus IS and sometimes the Prius.

When I approach someone texting or engrossed with their phones, they will be going about 60.  In the Lexus I smoothly pass them. However, if I am in the Prius they will suddenly toss the phone aside and go to 90 MPH.

People don't mind being passed by a sporty car. BUT They (YOU) WILL NOT BE PASSED BY A PRIUS.  THE WORLD WILL END.

On a typical trip to Tulsa I sometimes pass the same car twice in the Prius.  The first time I pass them,   they will speed up and overtake me and go out of sight.  Then in about 10 minutes with me still on cruise, I will approach them again as they have slowed to about 70 and when they see me passing they will throw caution to the wind and come charging back.  This happens with about 99% of all cars including cars smaller than mine.

Understand: Almost any Hybrid can accelerate faster than "normal" engines because of the instant electric boost. My car can get to 90 MPH very easily.  I just don't want to go that fast.

Evidently the car food chain does not except the Prius.

I get great mileage even at 79 (40-42 Miles per gallon but I am not helping with energy conservation because the cars I "force" to pass me are gobbling gas like race cars!


I have started slow this movie year and as the Oscar Nominations were announced I realized that I had not seen three of the eight nominees for best picture and had seen only one of the best actress nominees. Tonight I saw "ROOM".  HOLY CRAP!

Room is a drama that starts with the fifth birthday of a little boy. I lives in a room with his mother. She has been held captive for seven years and he all five of his. All he knows is the room. They have a TV but he does not know what is real and what is TV. He knows Mice and spiders are real but he thinks trees, dogs, and people are "TV".  Thus the drama unfolds.

It is emotionally gripping. It is funny and sad. Horrible and fascinating. The boy narrates, as the story grabs your heart.

When it ends (and well), you realize that we take too many things for granted in life.  I shows us that we miss more than we should.

It is truly outstanding.  I wish I could compel all to watch.  It is "R" for some very real reasons. But the acting of Brie Larson and the son, Jacob Tremblay will knock you out.  He is a youngster but he makes you live his life through his eyes. He should have been nominated.

That's all I will say.

2016 Movie #2.  I give it *****stars with a bullet.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


I just finished reading: "Steal Like An Artist".  Strange name but it is based on the premise  found in Ecclesiastes 1:9  "There is nothing new under the sun."

One paragraph that I liked tells the story:

"Conan O'Brien has talked about how comedians try to emulate their heroes, fall short, and end up doing their own thing. Johnny Carson tried to be Jack Benny but ended up Johnny Carson. David Letterman tried to copy Johnny Carson but ended up David Letterman.  And Conan O'Brien tried to be David Letterman but ended up Conan O'Brien. In O'Brien's words,  "it is our failure to become or perceived ideal that ultimately defines us and makes us unique. "Thank Goodness."

Or as the late David Bowie said, "The only art I'll ever study is stuff that I an steal from."

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Frightful Study

In the church family that I am part, we have begun a study of Gender roles in Christianity. In my lifetime it is the first public study of this subject (outside some preacher's 20 minute talk about women keeping silent). It has been well received by most all who attend. More than one visitor has talked about how refreshing it is to study such a thing.

There are four or five (there always is) whose attitude toward the study and the material is very negative. One said, "Let's leave well enough alone".  Another said, "We solved this 20 years ago."
A couple have tried to disrupt class with comments that divert attention from the study. Snide comments were made like, "It all went downhill when we gave women the vote."

 Lest I give the negative too much time, The study is very positive.  The material used is and always will be controversial:  It is the BIBLE. It is God's Word. It is the teachings of Jesus.

If we think there's nothing new to learn I will remind you of my youth.  As late as the 1960's our Christian beliefs were that racial segregation was proper and that we should not mix with the Blacks just as  the Jews shunned the Samaritans.  Once we were forced to read the Bible again, we suddenly noticed that Jesus mixed with the Samaritans.

Now we are looking again as Jesus speaks to a Samaritan WOMAN.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Revenant and Relevance

Myfirst movie for 2016 is "Revenant". This movie based in 1824 in the upper plains and Rocky Mountains starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  After reading about this true story I bought the book and finished reading two days prior to the movie opening. The book is a story of Hugh Glass an explorer, fur trapper and former Captain of ships. The book mixed what was known and documented of his life and filled in the gaps with fiction. It is a supreme story of survival and vengeance.

Let me say from the beginning the Movie is great. The action, the photography, and the attention to detail was outstanding. The acting was supreme.

The story opens with the Grizzly bear attack, one of the best movie scenes in history. The bear is digital but like Jurrassic it is totally believable.

Unlike the book the bear scene is the "only" true event in the movie.

SO friends you have a two for one: a book and a movie with the same name, many of the same characters but two different stories.  One does not spoil the other because what happens is totally different while sharing a common theme.

Revenant: "a person who returns after a lengthy absence; someone who has returned from the dead.

2016 movie #1  I give it ****1/2 stars and the book *****stars

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

spider solitaire stupidity

My office computer had been bugging me to update from Windows 8 to Windows 10. So I did.

Somewhere during the install, I must have hit the wrong prompt (so the I.T. guy says). Windows 10 installed but if I looked away from the computer, I would have to type in my password again,  I tried everything to delete password requirements to no avail.  I did like most of W10 but it did not work good with my network.

However, it had apps.  Spider Solitaire

When I had gotten fed up with W10, I reinstalled Windows 8 and everything was good again. 

In a moment of weakness, I decided to the download spider solitaire to my PC. I found one that said Microsoft and begin installing. Instantly  I realized that I was in trouble.  It was full of malware and viruses. It even put in another version of windows 8. I shut it down and went to I.T.

5 days and over $100.00 later I am semi back to normal. I have much to reinstall but spider solitaire will be one of the items.