Friday, May 20, 2016

10 cent pies

When I was about 8 years old, My Mother sent me to the store (on my bike) to get the next day's needs. Normally it be a loaf of bread (Holsum), maybe a half gallon of milk (Meadow Gold) and then something specific. Sometimes she would say. "Get 5- 10 cent pies."

My dad took his lunch to work, everyday for 35 years. He would have a thermos of coffee, two sandwiches, a fried pie and occasionally a cookie.  FOR 35 YEARS!

Since I was the pie man, I gave him a variety (apple, cherry, peach) but every now and then I strayed and got Hostess Cup cakes or an apricot pie. He let me know if I got something weird.

I say all this because lately I have craved these convenience store delights. Of course they no longer cost ten cents. They are about 60% as big as the pies of my past and the cost varies by the store.  At a Food store they may cost 79 cents. At a convenience store they vary from $1.69 to $1.89!

But time flies:  A nickel Candy Bar is now $2.00.  Gas was 30 cents a gallon then.  That Holsum Bread was 19 cents a loaf.

You may be asking how an eight year old could buy groceries?  WE bought on store credit.  They kept a small invoice book for each family. When my Mother came in on Saturday (after pay day) to but the week's supply, she paid the tab and started again.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Well Worn Sayings: If I knew how great grandkids were I'd had them first!

"If I knew how great Grandkids were, I'd had them first."  That's a cute statement that I have used many times. It is also untrue.  Having grandkids happens when much of our busy-ness of starting a family is past.  The truth is: when our kids were young, I was too busy with life that I failed to enjoy what was in front of me.  I enjoy the grandkids because I let them and their family(my kids) and their activities control my schedule.  When my kids were young, I was at their games and activities but mentally was absent way too much.  I should have enjoyed what was offered to me. Sorry Kids.

Anyone that states that they should have had grandkids first are admitting a lot!

Of Course a benefit of grandkids is that we only get the easy duties and don't have to raise them. Oh, we contribute, but not like when I was 30 or 40 and in a constant concern about finances and where would the money come from.

That being said: Grandkids are Super Cool!

We are Crazy!

Captain America - Civil War

I have been avoiding most "super-hero" movies. While the formula for these movies is standard, special effects have greatly altered the stories. The big scenes where the bad guy comes to the city and begins to destroy it and the where the hero battles the bad guy while great building are crushed, showed an indifference to those killed inside. Thousands die while the stars shake hands and hug at the end.

"Captain America - Civil War" addresses this issue head on.  In this story the United Nations tries to regulate the Avengers group of super heroes so that  innocent people are not killed.  Of course, inside this story is the typical stories that inhabit these movies, but this story has heart, humor, and an honest approach.

I like all the cast in this movie and the re-boot of a new Spiderman was fun as well.

If you like this kind of thing, you will like this.

I give it ***stars. 2016 movie #13,.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

ironies of life

A Christian Friend of mine, Danny, died yesterday. He and I worshiped together at a Tulsa Church many years ago.  I even designed the remodel of his company offices.  We found ourselves sides of an issue once that has stuck with me for years.

Jay, the associate minister, and I had a Sunday school class in the Fellowship hall. This was a large church and the class we took over had about 75 attendees.  Four weeks later the attendance was up to almost 400.  More than half the group were from the community.  Our class featured movie and TV clips, drama and live presentations of music.  The songs performed were pop songs of Don Henley,  Phil Collins, etc. and we used the talented members of our church. They used taped back-up and also piano and guitar.

Danny, who did NOT attend the class, did not approve of instruments being used in church.  He went to the leadership and accused us of trying to force the church to instrumental music (something against Church of Christ nature).  His fight ended with Jay's firing as a minister and our leaving that church family.  Later Danny also left.

Danny's funeral will be at First Baptist Church in Tulsa where he was a member.

You may have to let that sink in.