Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Age of Adeline: what if

The movie "Age of Adeline" asks many "what if's?"

What if at the age of 28 you quit growing old?

What if as the years past, you have elderly children?

What would life be like if someone close to you grew old and changed but you did not?

What would people say?  What would the government do with you?

All these questions are answered in the "Age of Adeline".  It is a well crafted story where the special effect is time much like "Boyhood."  Great cast and smart sci-fi for thinking people.

I give it three stars.  2015 movie 24

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bare Bones

I was pleased to be able to attend the "Bare Bones International Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma. It is a festival of independent film makers of documentary, short film and feature film. Last night  wife and I set with a group of film makers as they screened their work and discussed the how, why, and what of their creations.

No matter what the art, the simplest goal is to share with others the personal creativity and also to get feedback, encouragement, and acceptance.  I need it in my architecture:  when I post a project on FACEBOOK, I yearn for "likes".  These film makers deserve the same.  Some even mentioned that this festival marked the most people to see their projects and the most to give encouragement.

As a personal note, I was disappointed that we were the ONLY non-film makers there to view the films!

The films watched:

"Adoption" An adult daughter of a sick man finds out she is adopted and searches for her birth mother.

"We Choose You"  A teen girl deals with the foster family system

"Lavender"  A comedy of a Gay man and a Lesbian who's mothers "Hook them  up for a blind date!"

"Captured"  A man dealing with the disappearance of his wife (A journalist assigned to the Middle East Conflict.

"The Glass Owl" a Slap stick crime comedy.

"Mortal Dilemma"  a short action film about three men meeting in a West Texas roadside stop.

"Thicker Than Water" a western about retribution concerning three brothers.  (FILMED JUST A FEW MILES FROM MY HOME!)

"MISSING" Thriller involving missing teenage girls (surprising twist)

"Behold the Noose"  a Slasher story of a County Sheriff at a haunted house.

"Human Wreckage":  a couple trying to survive the Zombie Armageddon. A sly dark comedy.

"Ocean Pond" A Civil War drama about a black Union soldier and his meeting with a slave.

The fun thing about the films (besides the film) is listening to how they were made.  Some made in 24 hours!

Creativity is alive and well

I count this as 2015 movies 22 &23 when taken together.

Woman in Gold

The more stories that I read or view concerning the Holocaust and European Jewish life in World War 2, I am more bewildered by the extent of "Man's inhumanity to man".  This term I learned in high school as one of the few basic themes to any story."The Woman in Gold" is the latest to bother me.

For some reason the previews did not lead me to thank this is a true story, but half way through the movie I was hearing names of people known to me in the U.S. government. Suddenly it slammed me: "This is a true story."  The end credits of the film verified my theory.

It is the story of a woman that grew up in Vienna who sought to reclaim a family treasure stolen by the Nazis.  It was a famous painting that was on display 60 years later in a Vienna Museum and the property of the Austrian Government.  I tells of her fight that takes her to both Austrian and U,S, courts.  It is a wonderfully told story that stars Hellen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.  This is a much better tale of taking on the evil empire than any Super Hero story. AND This actually happened.

I give it **** stars.  2015 movie 21

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Furious 7- Faster & Furiouser

Yes friends I did go to see "Furious 7"   The first thing to do to prepare yourself for this movie is to tell yourself: " James Bond couldn't do that stuff either!" Once I got it in my mind that this was about popcorn, Milk Duds and grins, I really enjoyed watching cars parachute from the skies, jump from building to building, and guys falling fifty feet, landing on a parked car then just getting up and running away.  All in a day's work if you are a street racer.

It is fun but a little trying.  One of the lead actors (Paul Walker) died during the making of the movie and they changed the ending to include a tribute (Well Done).  It isn't lost on me that he died of a car accident.

I give the movie **3/4 stars out of 5.  2015 Movie #20