Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cartoon Fix


Summer Movies

Took in two movies that are pure Summer faire.

First: "The Secret Life of Pets" which in the reviews showed very cute depictions of the nature of dogs and cats. I was looking forward to it and thought the grandkids would too. When I saw it , yikes: The beginning was like the preview and then as the story developed, it became a darker, less family tale of survival from rogue animals! 

I liked half this movie. I give it **stars out of 5. 2016 Movie #22

On the other hand, "Star Trek Beyond" is why we BOLDLY GO where we have never gone.  It is classic Star Trek and great fun and action.  All Star Trek fans will enjoy.  They always have a great mix of humor, action and drama.  I give it ****stars  2016 Movie #23

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Good Movies

This summer is full of remakes and sequels, Superheroes and alien attacks, animations and talking animals and it is good when you can just watch a good story with good acting.

"The Legend of Tarzan" oddly is one of those.  Remake: Yes. But this story reminds me of the old black and white Tarzan movies. Great villain, Great Tarzan and Great Jane. FUN.
I give it ****stars (it's a bad year for good movies) 2016 movie #20

The second was "The Infiltrator", a true story of uncover agents that bring down the Columbian Drug  Lord, Pablo Escobar. Brain Cranston is great as is John Leguizamo. Tough story of high crimes.
I give it ****stars (it's a bad year for good movies) 2016 movie #21

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

BFD and bad timing

We went to see the Tarzan movie yesterday. I was trying to buy tickets while Carol was at the concession. Se got thru first! The movie was sold out.  We looked at our options since we had hot popcorn and settled on Steven Spielberg's "BFG". Its Spielberg so nothing could go wrong. Right?

We watched for 30 minutes and left. Not that it was a bad movie, just a slow one and I was wanting fast.  I'll probably see it later and kick myself for leaving BUT I felt better leaving.

Coming Attractions were good

2016 Movie 19.  Can't rate it.