Friday, June 19, 2015


"Sticks and Stones will break our bones, but words will break our hearts."
Robert Fulghum

Tomorrowland Revisted

As I write this it had been about seven hours since I visited "Tomorrowland" at the Magic Kingdom in Florida.  Having seen the movie of the same name, I previously blogged that I would get one of the PINS , a central part of the movie, when I visited.

Imagine my surprise that they don not sell them at the real Tomorrowland  nor any other item that mentions the movie. I asked a vendor why not and the response: "WE had them in May and sold out quickly and they never re-stocked."

Weird Marketing!

Jarrasic Church

I am part of a group of church leaders that is currently studying, "Women's Role in the Church" with the focus on Worship.  I try hard not to bring my "pre-conceived  thoughts" to the discussion but that does not work at all. I have been reading about this "issue" :) a long time from such books as Scott McKnight's "Blue Parakeet", President Jimmy Carter, "Call to Action (Women, Religion, Violence, and Power)" and  Blogs such as Experimental Theology and Half The Church.

I sense something positive will come from this.

In the midst of my studies I ventured last week to my Mother's House and there on the table lay the current issue of "The Spiritual Sword" The new issue is titled "God's Plan For Women".  They editorialize at the beginning that several churches of Christ have strayed into Apostacy (naming several Texas and Tennessee churches and speaking against Abilene Christian, Pepperdine and  Lipscomb University as the Leaders into the "worldliness in the Church".

 Most of the "learned" articles from old men were about the importance of "Women keeping silent"

but they did say positive things about what women can do. In one article, "What Women Can Do" it takes the stand that speaking of women: " She can bear and nurture children in a way that is instinctively hers. She does naturally with a baby what a man must learn and about which he is usually clumsy." 


"She is endowed with innate skills in the art of homemaking."

And in Church:

"She can teach  Titus plainly says that in one circumstance an older woman is uniquely qualified to do so." (Teach younger women).

So in summary: Barefoot and Pregnant!

I read all these articles in the hopes of something new but the are still in 1950.

I find it interesting that they can quote a scripture that says that "men should pray, lifting holy hands without anger and quarreling" and then say: "Clearly, God wanted males to take the lead in prayer and worship."  Hey what about lifting hands?  You guys don't do that!

If you have seen the movie "Yentl" or know anything about culture, Jews did not teach women and did not treat them much different than Muslims today. Jesus, however, saw women in a different light
and a red for all and used all to spread his message.

I have come a long way in my beliefs. It is my hope that the Church would want to move farther.

We won't change our current culture over night but we should start.  Our Congregation is already ahead of most Church of Christ FELLOWSHIPS. We have had scriptures read, announcements made, classes taught and solos and really we have deacons (we just call them ministry leaders) and we have had a female minister!  What's next? 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Vacations in Jurassic World

Probably not the best idea to go see "Jurassic World" just before we leave for Disney World. After all everything in Disney World is an artificial as Jurassic World.  The difference I don't expect to be eaten un less I stray too close to a Gator.  However, one day on our trip we are heading to Cocoa Beach and just two weeks ago they had to close it because of sharks!

But I degrees.

"Jurassic World" is  a fun use of your summer time.  It is what you expect if you have seen the others. The dialogue of the cast is also fun and current, Unlike the "SPY" no F-Bombs unless they snuck one in to get PG13.  After all the Dinosaurs are the stars. Special effects were created for this NOT for Superhero destruction. '

The movie takes place years after Jurassic Park which it replaces and everyone is assured that it is safe to interact with your Dino favorites. Silly People!   I'm not sure which is more dangerous: Dinosaurs or  inconsiderate families that bull their way, cutting people off, etc. in line for Small World.   More about that to come!

I give the movie. ***1/2 stars. 2015 Movie #30

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fifty Years Strong!

Last week was a major passage. My High School Class celebrated our 50th Class Reunion. And Carol and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary & 50 years since we started dating.  I celebrated the 50th anniversary of my 18th birthday.

1965 was a very good year!

I Spy

Watching the new Melissa McCarthy movie, "Spy" is like the time we waited until we were out of state to see the first, "Hangover".  This movie is completely off the rails with the F-bombs!  Jason Statham alone was good for 30 or 40.  But this is one funny movie for adults.  The profanity is used by people who are beside themselves in crazy situations.  FYI: If you saw the previews and figure that they showed the good parts, NOT SO!

This is a total spoof of James Bond and every similar movie.  If you want the laugh and can tolerate a few hundred F-words, this is for you.  This is McCarty's best yet and who knew that Statham could be so hilarious.

2015 Movie 29  I give it **** stars

Monday, June 8, 2015

Love & Mercy

I grew up with "The Beach Boys".  In 1964 they came on the scene with songs about Cars, Girls, and Dragging Main Street. My life was just like the movie, "American Graffiti".  The Beach Boys sung about things that I dwelled on: "I get Around" was my favorite song.  In 1965 they came to Tulsa for a concert but Brain Wilson was not touring with them. Glen Campbell subbed for him.  The official story was that he was sick, but he wanted to stay in the studio.

The Movie, "Love and Mercy" is the story of the Beach Boys but it is really the story of Brain Wilson.  The Beach Boys were 5 guys who were brothers and cousins. We saw them singing on TV but in reality, Brian wrote, arranged and produced the records and used studio musicians (The Wrecking Crew) to record the music and then the B-Boys would come in and sing.  They later would learn the songs to play out on tour.   The brothers loved the tours but hated the studio.

Throw in an abusive father, a controlling doctor, a few drugs (Prescribed by said doctor) and you have a unbelievable story.  This movie is more about the behind the scenes than the songs, but it covers in depth the making of the "Pet Sounds" album that is considered one of the best Rock and Roll a;bums in history.

This is a drama for those that like music, true stories and great acting.  Two actors were used to play Brian both young and old.  John Cusack and Paul Dano are great as is Elizabeth Banks who plays his rescuer and the  Paul Giamatti, his evil doctor.

This was a great birthday movie!

I give it *****star! Yes 5
2015 movie 28