Friday, October 24, 2014


"Rudderless" is one of the coming breed of movies that is released in theaters and on-line at the same time.  Independent films that do not have large studio backing can not market like the giant super-hero, slash & bang action movies. But these movies are the ones that move our emotions and wrap us up in the story.

"Rudderless" is directed by William H. Macy the accomplished actor and stars Billy Crudup. Crudup's character, Sam, is in grief over his college age son's sudden death. With Sam's world shattered, one day he finds a box of demo tapes of songs written by his son.  He takes his son's guitar and begins to learn the songs. Then his unlikely trip into the world of music begins.......

This movie was made in Oklahoma in OKC, Guthrie and Edmond. I might add that this time we Okies look pretty good and not the standard clich├ęs.

This is a story of loss, uncovering the good in someone and also dealing with the bad. IT IS NOT A DOWNER MOVIE.

I GIVE IT ****1/2 STARS. 2014 movie #45.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Robert Fulgham Joke

A beat up old cowboy went in to a bar and sat down by a cute chick.
She looked at him and asked if he was a real cowboy.
He said yes, he'd spent his whole life thinking about nothing but cows and horses.
"Well," she said. "I'm a real lesbian- I don't think of anything but women."
Another man came in and sat down by the cowboy and asked, "Are you a real cowboy?"
The cowboy said, "I always thought so, but I just found out I'm a lesbian."

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Good Lie

The title of the Movie: "The Good Lie" comes from Huck Finn who explained the idea as a necessary lie to save a friend from trouble.  It is mentioned when one of the characters in the story is learning to read and understand English.

This movie will catch you off guard. The previews shows it as a heartwarming story about a group of "The Lost Boys of Sudan"  trying to understand their new life in America. In reality there is much in the story about their life in Sudan and the impact that those events had on their understanding of other humans.  The story is more real because (if you stay for the credits) you will discover that the actors also came from this same story. Only the names and situation was changed.

It is a great PG movie filled with faith in God and a great message for all.

It is a rare movie because of the reality of the story.

I highly recommend this.  I give it ***1/2 stars. 2014 Movie 44

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Judge

It was Robert Duvall versus the Iron Man tonight at the movies. "The Judge" stars Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall. Great acting in an emotional movie with some humor, some drama, and some life stories. Great cast and good story of a successful, but disowned attorney son coming home to defend his estranged dad, the Judge, in a murder case. This is filled with back stories and times when I said, to my self: "oh I get it!"  Duvall is outstanding.  Downey is the same smart-ass that plays "Iron Man" but nobody plays that character better.

Good fall movie. I give it ***1/2 stars, 2014 Movie #43

Object lessons

Yesterday, my firm hosted an Open House and Ribbon Cutting for our new offices.  When the Chamber asked me to do it after rejoining as a new business, I said yes. BUT!  The event was 10:00am in the morning on a Thursday. What if no one comes? What would be a good attendance? is it 15 or 50 people? I kept posting on FACEBOOK trying to brow-beat someone into coming. I even invited my consultants and they said yes, BUT what if something comes up? Yikes! 

At ten minutes till no one was there, but at 5 till everyone came.  I was elated. The consultants were there. Some of my clients were there. Friends and family.  I even heard people say that, "the attendance was unusually large."  It was a great day!

To unwind I went to the Musice Hall of Fame concert featuring Heath Wright. Heath is the former lead signer of the country group, "Ricochet" and is great singer and guitar player.  He svn covered some of my favorite songs and did fantastic. But here is the deal: His band was used to playing crowded venues and large concerts, but Thursday night he started  the night with about 15 people.
Later about 5 more came and I was embarrassed for him even though he did not let it show. He put on a show worthy of 15,000.  

I considered the day and realized that all was well. Heath stated that he plays many casinos that are packed with people drinking and talking and not paying attention. he enjoyed playing for people who love the music.

Good lesson:  If you can get anyone to pay attention to what you love, it's a great day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gone Girl Gosh!

I would like to write a lot about the movie, "Gone Girl" but I can't. To say much would betray the story. I will say that it is an excellent cast in an excellent story that is somewhere between one of my all time favorites: "Body Heat" and also great movie, "Fatal Attraction".  It is directed by one of the best.  It is tense but not too.  I think it follows the book, but alas I did not read it!  It is why I like movies.

I predict that Ben Affleck is better in this than in the new "Batman".

I give it ****stars, 2014 Movie 42

It is "R" for language and some skin.

Guilty Pleasure Equalizers

I think that I have mentioned before that I am fond of stories where people "get even",  "right wrongs", "get revenge" and "make the bad guys pay": because I am not supposed to. I live watching imaginary friends which in this case is "The Equalizer" starring Denzil Washington.  Denzil plays someone that works in a Home Depot-type store and is very observant. You know right away that he is not who he seems, but he is happy in his work.  He is very, very good with tools of all kinds.  

If you have had a bad day because of someone, don't act on it- Go see Equalizer. It is good therapy.

Let's face it, Denzil plays a cool, calm, collected mean guy with the best of them. He could be Jack Reacher!

Great popcorn action movie.  I give it  *** stars; 2014 Movie 41

PS: The poster shows him with a gun, but he is better with a nail gun.