Sunday, April 20, 2014

Transcendence - Boldly Go Where none have Gone.

Actually, Almost every Johnny Depp movie does that.  Jack Sparrow, Tonto, etc. stretched those characters mightily.  In the movie, "Transcendence", Bold ideas are proposed and leave us with much to think about.  Depp plays a scientist who is poisoned by people who fear the future that he is working on-  nano technology, computers with human traits and emotions that are independent of man, etc.  He has experimented with a chimp  and has transferred the monkey brain to a computer and now as he dies: What if his brain could live in the computer as well?

This idea is shown as well as the old question: "What if you could achieve great things at a great cost?"   Sort like the Stephen King story, "Pet Cemetery".  This is a thought provoking world of curing you of illness, blindness and being wheel chair bound, but the down side is that he now controls you.

He is now ON the internet and can control anything.

Great Sc-Fi material with a great cast.  More than a popcorn movie because it makes me think of all this stuff.

I give it ***stars. 2014 Movie 16.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Something is about to happen

Draft Day

Okay-Mix Football and movies and you have me. Mix Kevin Costner and sports stories and you have me.  Have a story where the Cleveland Browns make great decisions and you have science fiction.

Really, I tries being a Browns Fan for the past two years. They drafted quarterback that I liked  and I tries (t-shirts and all).  The Browns organization make none of the sense that the movie portrays.  The real Browns fire their whole coaching staff each year, change their system each year and fail to get lineman who can block ANYONE.  But I degrees.

This is a good movie that deals with trust, loyalty, and decision-making.  It has drama and we count down to the big moment with the actors.  I also liked the camera-work with split screens at times that add a great dimension.   The Browns need Kevin Costner.

Fun Sports Movie.  I give it *** stars. 2014 Movie #15

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Captain America too

Still haven't seen "Noah" but went to see "Captain America, The Winter Soldier" because I hear it is more factual than the "Noah" movie.

I like Captain America. He doesn't hide who he is. Everyone knows him as Steve Rogers, the 90 year old guy that doesn't age.  He is by far one the best "Avengers" in that he and Iron Man mix humor and life into their characters.  Fun guys to hang out with kind of thing.  It is a great popcorn movie even if  more stuff gets blown up.  We saw the 3-D version because we would have to wait fifteen whole minutes for that version and I needed to get back to the Thunder Game ASAP.  There are life priorities.

Mr. America has a nice retro style that makes him honorable and fierce at the same time.  I was not a fan of flying aircraft carriers, but the special effects guys are searching for anything different.

Actors include Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Redford (Not too shabby).

I give it *** stars. 2014 movie 14.

Fun with popcorn.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Orderly Worship!

Yes, my mind is still full of thoughts from what I have been reading.  I thought back to how I was raised in the Church.

When I was young, I had women teachers in Sunday School until I was 12.  They couldn't teach after 12 because I had "come of age".  They couldn't pray in front of me at 12 and I had the authority. BUT I better not try anything.      (Timothy 2:12.)

1 Timothy 2 also tells women to be silent and not wear braided hair, gold, pearls or expensive clothes.  
They were to be modest, quite and submissive.  This part of 1 Timothy has never been followed in my life.  When I teach, you think I am going to make an announcement that women are to be silent. How about I walk around the church building and tell women to unbraid their hair, cover their head, and take off those pearls and gold.  "Holy Crap, are you wearing Lauren?  That looks expensive."
Paul wouldn't like that.  We have to speak where the Bible speaks.

When I was Baptized, the thing that I looked most forward to was getting to "Wait on the Lord's Table."  I had arrived in my new life.   I know no female that has had that experience.  Here is the irony:   There are many examples of women attending and serving Jesus. We even have examples of Jesus blessing and passing the bread, the wine, the loaves and the fishes.  Not many men mentioned.

Serving Communion is a servant task and a silent task, but old I Timothy 2 raises PART of its head.

A big thing in my teen years was being taught that I couldn't have long hair because of I Corinthians 11-14. It's a disgrace.  Of course it also said that women should have their heads covered. That one was passed.  But in the 1950's when I was young, Women wore hats to church or at least scarves.

That passage also says Women CAN NOT shave their heads.  Cancer was invented yet.

Women don't pray out loud in worship and men do only when assigned.  Many men only come to Worship when they get the letter that they are up for prayer or Communion.  Isn't that strange?  They don't want to worship, but they will perform a service when asked.  

I have always worshiped with deeply spiritual woman (my definition of spiritual) and have been robbed of not having the benefit of their prayers.  You say, "But Mike, they would be having authority over you."   I understand that in prayer, we address the AUTHORITY- The Almighty.  We are but vessels.

Paul does say in I Corinthians11 that women can prophesy in worship with their heads covered.  What does that look like? I have never witnessed it.

Speak where the Bible speaks and be Silent when we get uncomfortable.