Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jobs, The Movie

I almost did not see this movie. I had heard and read reviews that called this movie about Steve Jobs, superficial and not very deep.  Having read the biography, this could be Part 1 of about three parts.  The movie, I thought, was very well done.  It is hard to depict a person who on one hand is a visionary, brilliant man who changed the way we live, but on the other hand is (his words) an "a--hole".

I share many of his minor traits and have even been called a few names behind my back. Jobs though heard them to his face and was unmoved.  It would have been impossible for me to work for someone like that, but I still hold him in awe.

Aston Kutcher did a good job with his, look, disposition and demeanor.

Jobs is not someone that you can take for granted.  After the movie, you will think about is for a while.

It ends STRONG.

I give it *** stars. 2013 Movie #37

Friday, August 23, 2013


The hotel I am staying in is a favorite of mine. I usually get the same room on the first floor.  Last night after I climbed into bed with the TV off, I heard barking.  To get to the point: A dog in the next room was barking constantly and did so from 11:00 pm until after Midnight.  A little after 11 I called the front desk to complain.  The night clerk said she would contact the next room.  15 minutes later I called again.  She said: "I knocked on the door and called the room, but no one answers.  I replied, "Are you going to do anything?"  I was thinking that the roomies next door were either gone or dead.

Getting no results, I dressed and went out to the hall where the clerk was standing. She unlocked the door and an old tan dachshund ran out into and down the hall.  The clerk asked, "What should I do with it?"  I suggested, "Put it in the swimming pool room. Its not being used."  She replied,  "Won't it drown?"   I said, "It doesn't want to swim, it wants to use the bathroom!"

The dog problem went away.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mike goes to GOOD movies.

I have decided to change my movie blogs. From now on I will only only talk about Good Movies!  I will no longer speak of the occasional movie mistakes.  That way you will not think I am so silly as to view a movie of no value, and I can continue to try to fool you.  In Truth, lately have have seen some crappy movies.  The only way you will know that I have wasted time and money is the notice that the 2013 movie number has advanced a couple since the last posting.

There are a lot of bad movies and I might even mention one or two in passing, but only that.

The Butler

A good friend asked me this morning if I had seen "The Butler" yet.  I said that I hadn't and he said, "Its a good movie, but a little political!"  Well I thought, it is about a Butler to 7 Presidents!

I just got back from seeing it or should I say reliving it.

The Butler is a true story of a White House Butler.  It is a great history story that began just when I started reading my Weekly Readers at school and ends in 2008 with Obama's election.  It is well acted and well directed.  It is really the story of civil rights in the USA and is told in a fashion that makes the viewer uncomfortable.

I grew up with these stories.  The movie talks about the Freedom Riders and Civil Rights marches of Dr. King in 1964 in the south.  My parents and I drove through the south that summer and was 20 miles from Selma, Alabama when the famous march was held.  WE also stopped along the way in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida and witnessed the signs and tension of the day.  This was a time of 2 lane highways not Interstates and cafes instead of fast food.  We would walk in a nice cafe, and see signs at the register saying, "WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO NIGGERS" and then see a large rack of KKK pamphlets by the door, where today we would see tourism information.  Nothing was hidden.

This movie depicts in a giant way what I witnessed in a small way.  It is a story that must be told and it is superbly so.

It is ****star.

2013 movie 36 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Losing Memory

My office computer gave it up this week: it ran out of memory.  I had been not getting emails, and not being able to respond to others in the month of June. Then it just gave up.  First, I got the  "you are low on memory" and then it told me how low. It got busy and deleted almost my entire C drive, Google Earth, and other seldom used programs.  I took off about 500mb of memory when it told me I needed just 300mb to resume. I resumed, but the next morning it again told me that I had 0 mb!

I finally got another computer and spent about 5 hours  setting it up for my use.

I learned several things this time though that I must take note.

1. In this busy world if someone sends you something and you don't or can't receive it. IT IS YOUR FAULT.

2. If the government says they want something from you "by the 5th", it means before the 5th.

When someone asks me for a reason, I'm just going to answer: "I ran out of memory!"

Friday, August 9, 2013

That one

So OU was playing Missouri at home and the refs were making calls against the home team. The fans started throwing  things on the court and the coach is none too happy either. The game is stopped and Billy Tubbs is told to talk to the crowd and get things in order.  He takes the microphone and says, "Don't throw things on the court, no matter how bad the officiating is!"

Billy got tossed.

FYI: It's still no Youtube.


Elysium in Webster's Dictionary means: "noun, the abode of the blessed after death in classical mythology."  The Movie is about the earth in 2154 after the Republicans build a space station  so they don't have to live with the "others". At least that's what it looked like to me.  In the artificial worth everybody lived in luxury and free from anything bad. They even had a sort of CT scan in their homes that would scan and instantly cure anything from cancer to broken bones.  On earth it was like any third world country of squalor and horrible conditions with all the police handled by droids.

Matt Damon does a good job in this sci-fy flick. He plays a guy with 5 days to live and the need to change things on earth and in space.

It is not very deep: Good versus evil. Good popcorn movie even better rental.

I give it **stars.  2013 movie #34

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Joke's still on me

This is a formal apology to those that I offended in my post, "The Joke's on me."  I never should have (and won't again) posted anything referencing "My church".  I have broken the trust of those that serve with me, and will not speak in a public forum again about such private things. 

It is a strange thing in my life that when I act offended, I have the ability the alienate and make no point!  I am one strange bird.

I think that I cause too many problems for others when I have problems. The few who spoke to me about my post let me know that I alarmed them and caused them pain. I am sorry about that.

This is another example how of my intentions and others expectations are in conflict.  I will minimize that.  It is not my intention to be a loose cannon like Billy Tubb's famous statement that got him thrown out of the game.  This is no game.

Monday, August 5, 2013


Sometimes the value of FACEBOOK comes through when people trying to share picks just the right quote to share.  Today, Pastor Rick Warren posted this:

"To truly believe in freedom is to allow disagreement and even support each other's right to be wrong."

I believe the Spirit sent that just for me.

Friday, August 2, 2013

2 Guns, 2 Much Fun

After all my disappointments with summer action movies, I found one I like. The movie is "2 Guns" with Denzel Washington and MarkWahlberg (both favorites of mine).  I liked it because of its wit and fun.  For me it is a combination of the classic "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly", "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "Contraband". Note: It is a hard "R". For Adults that are mature! 

What carries the story is the banter of the two leads. Yes, an action movie with dialogue.  It is also a movie with plenty of Bad Guys. In this story The Drug Cartels, The CIA, The DEA and Navy Intelligence are all bad! Its enough to drive off any good Republican. This is not about hand to hand. Its about guns and shooting (Good,Bad, Ugly). But at its heart it is a comedy, buddy movie.

Not a good movie for many of my friends. I go to them so you don't have to!

I give it ***stars. 2013 Movie #33